Black Arrows Agency

Pin-point accurate medical marketers.


Who we are

The Black Arrows Agency consists of experienced and dedicated marketers that lay both eyes on advertising high- ticket surgeries for plastic- and facial plastic surgeons.

As our clients do, we believe in specializing in a narrow niche for full mastery. The Black Arrows Agency markets exclusively high ticket surgical interventions.

We believe in variation. Therefore, we are proud to have a team with heterogeneous backgrounds and expertise on board, starting from economics and marketing, economic psychology to team members with medical degrees. 


What we do

We find patients that show significant interest in your surgical intervention, ensure realistic patient expectations, pre- qualify them and direct them to you for booking an appointment. 

We create our advertisements and marketing strategies with the latest scientific knowledge in economic psychology, based on the latest scientific findings. 

Our services create an automated, steady patient flow for your high- ticket surgeries, hence, increase your income and save you time. Every empty time slot is a missed financial opportunity, and we fill them with numerous high- ticket patients per month.

Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to find internet users, who's online behavior shows clear interest in your high- ticket surgery. 
We do not need to create a desire for the surgical intervention since we only advertise to those for whom the surgery is already a desire.

Expectations & pre- qualification

We ensure realistic patient expectations to save you time, nerves and money.

We inform the patients concerning the patient journey, what to expect and what not to expect from the surgery.

We require patients to fill out a form with all vital informations you need. 


You receive all important informations to assess, whether you would like to see the patient or not.

If you do, a software leaves a pre- recorded message from you in the patient's mailbox. The patient now calls you and you can set the appointment. 

Congratulations, your marketing system and patient flow now is entirely automated while you do what you're doing best: Turning prospects into clients and performing your surgeries.



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